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Exhibition "Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France", Creazine


La Compagnie des Hommes: Event Website.

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Description of the article from “La compagnie des hommes”:

Article published by the website “La Compagnie des Hommes” of Didier Ruiz, the designer of the event “MOF on stage” included in the Exhibition Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.

Translation of the article:

MOF on Stage

Conceived by Didier Ruiz Artistic Collaboration by Nathalie Bitan Photos and Video by Thierry Caron Featuring the Laureates of the 25th MOF Competition (alternating) Chrystèle Albertini, Adrien Beaugendre, Emile-Armand Benoit, Arnaud Briand, Jonathan Buirette, Christian Caudron, Stacy Cez, Thierry Coullouette, Stéphane Deschamps, Fabrice Desvignes, Sophie Doisy Garcia, Audrey Durand, Oscar Esteves, Caroline Hardouin Perruchot, Sylvie Joly, Banafsheh Khatami, Jean-Pierre Lebureau, Dominique Legris, Stéphane Louis, Sébastien Miliasseau, Arestakes Nevcheherlian, Benoît Nicolas, Franck Pauchard, Jean-Luc Seigneur, Satoshi Sekimoto, Paul-Anthony Zamora

It’s an aperitif, an appetizer. For five minutes, a man or a woman, an expert in their field, will come and talk to you. They will explain what they do, share their passion with you. They are enthusiasts who will inspire you. A discovery for all the exhibition visitors but also a true mission of transmission from these practitioners bound by excellence who want to ignite that passion in others.

Let’s listen to them! They are young, dedicated, they have bet on the future by using centuries-old experience, and they too are shaping the world of tomorrow. Didier Ruiz

The Best Craftsmen of France introduce us to their crafts, which are their passions. Women and men, experts in their fields, reveal their life journeys, talk about their vocations. Devoted to their art, they continue the transmission of artisanal know-how and technical virtuosity. Built on the basis of field research conducted with twenty MOFs throughout France, the exhibition juxtaposes the expertise of these artisans and their creations with a selection of pieces from the collections of the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Arnaud Dubois, anthropologist and curator of the exhibition, has chosen to place the human at the center of the exhibition.

Production: La compagnie des Hommes. Co-production: Committee for the Organization of Labor and the “Best Craftsmen of France” competition and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. With the support of the EY Foundation for manual trades.