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Maison Sekimoto

Maison Sekimoto

Maison Sekimoto is a familial brand with the vocation to bring together the expertise of the Sekimoto family.

Satoshi Sekimoto is a recipient of the prestigious “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsman of France) award in Haute Couture Embroidery. He has worked extensively with renowned luxury and Haute Couture houses since 2005. Thanks to his experience, he also achieved the title of master artisan in the field of artistic craftsmanship in 2023.

Laurent, his husband, has a creative and business background in the luxury industry. He has worked in fashion, interior decoration, jewelry, and hospitality, among others, at Swarovski, The Crest Collection and Sofitel.

Both of them possess complementary skills and experiences, and they proudly carry the Sekimoto name. For all these reasons, the idea of creating Maison Sekimoto emerged.

Regarding values, Maison Sekimoto emphasizes respect for human beings and quality.

On the one hand, it is committed to valuing all individuals contributing to its success.

On the other hand, Maison Sekimoto ensures the quality of its supplies by selecting the best in the market. The brand guarantees high-quality service and production in accordance with the exceptional career path of Satoshi Sekimoto.

Maison Sekimoto shares the common vision of promoting the talents of the Sekimoto family members among professionals, and luxury, craftsmanship, and art enthusiasts.

In 2022, the brand was launched at Silmo, the World Optical Fair, in Paris. For this event, an innovative partnership between two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen of France) was presented to the public. Xavier Christin, an eyewear maker, and Satoshi Sekimoto took on a technical challenge by showcasing glasses with embroidery inserted into acetate.

In 2023, Maison Sekimoto collaborates with Maison Lafont to celebrate the latter’s 100th anniversary. This time, embroidery is done on the surface of the frames. This “Ouvrage” model received the Silmo d’Or 2023 “Special Jury Prize.”