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Ateliers d’Art #130 : Magazine of Ateliers d’Art de France specialized in fine arts and crafts.

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Description of article from “Ateliers d’art”:

Article of the magazine Ateliers d’Art n°130 introducing the Exhbition Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France at Musée des arts et métiers.

Translation of the article:

The Best Craftsmen of France

Paris Exhibition This exhibition, although brief, nevertheless presents us with some gems and encompasses various aspects (historical, ethnological, and artistic) of the world of artisanal crafts through the community of the Best Craftsmen of France. The photographs by Thierry CARON, taken from a reportage with the 20 MOF (Best Craftsmen of France) laureates of the 2015 competition, introduce us to this community. Following this is the most impressive part of the exhibition, which showcases the tools: a cooper’s toolkit, a chest of cabinetmakers from the 17th century, a showcase dedicated to watchmaking with tools, machinery, and timekeeping devices. Next, there are wooden models reproducing in miniature the faience workshops of the late 18th century. The exhibition continues with the MOF library, where 25 works from the 2015 MOF competition are presented, including the Venetian carousel, a technical feat by glassmaker Pierre MANGEANT, the Maharajah Vest by embroiderer Satoshi Sekimoto, and the reimagined egg by woodturner Patrick Noble, among others. Finally, the journey concludes with a film by visual artist David Ayoun, created from Thierry Caron’s photos, immersing the visitor in the heart of the workshops of the Best Craftsmen of France.

Museum of Arts and Crafts, 60 Rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris

Until November 5th.