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News Digest France #1035: Group of bi-montly journal English, French or German in Japanese.

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Description of the article from News Digest France:

The French bi-monthly News Digest published an article about the career of Satoshi, his title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Haute Couture embroidery and his winning vest for the contest.

Translation of the article:

“Can’t doit it without finishing it” – A Timely Decision Leads to Winning the MOF

In September 2004, Satoshi Sekimoto moved to France. After graduating from an embroidery school in 2005, he gained experience at the school and a leading embroidery atelier. After a brief return to Japan, he obtained a Competence et Talon visa in June 2008 and returned to France. In 2013, he returned to the same atelier and became a permanent employee (CDI). This year, he was awarded the prestigious “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF)”.

Eleven years ago, Satoshi Sekimoto came to France to learn Haute Couture embroidery. This year, he became the first Japanese to win the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF)” in the Haute Couture embroidery category.

In Japan, he attended a fashion school and worked as a salesperson in a clothing store after graduation. “When thinking about the future, I couldn’t give up my dream of Haute Couture embroidery. Instead of not doing it, I decided to try it once and made up my mind to move to France.”

While male embroidery artists for kimonos are not uncommon, a male aspiring to Haute Couture embroidery is a rare presence even in France. After graduating from the specialized school, he got the opportunity to do an internship at an atelier that handles embroidery for several luxury Maison brands. Interns usually leave at regular hours, but he stayed until the work was finished every day. “My enthusiasm was recognized, and the internship period was extended. Also, although I couldn’t speak the language perfectly, I learned desperately by watching people’s hands at work.”

Getting a Visa but Encountering the Unexpected Wave of Recession

After struggling to obtain a visa, he finally got the Competence et Talon visa in 2008 and achieved his long-awaited return to France. The joy of being able to work in embroidery again was short-lived as the unexpected impact of the Lehman shock hit luxury Maison brands, and the Haute Couture embroidery ateliers began to cut back on hiring. He faced days when he couldn’t work as before. Fortunately, a new brand by French designers was looking for embroidery artisans, and he was lucky to assist in their collection. Later, in 2013, he returned to the major atelier where he had done his internship, creating luxurious and elaborate embroideries presented at Paris Fashion Week. Regarding his future goals, Sekimoto says, “I hope to have my own atelier someday and work on collections for various brands. Also, I want to create my own brand and introduce something new.”

The artwork by Sekimoto, who splendidly won the Haute Couture embroidery category of the “MOF” this time, had the theme of “India,” and other designs included…