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Medal presentation of Meilleur Ouvrier de France: Ceremony and exhibition organized by the COET MOF and the Ministry of National Education.

Date of the medal presentation:


Place of the medal presentation:

La Sorbonne

24 Avenue de Marigny

75008 Paris


Description of the event:

Satoshi SEKIMOTO was invited as the winner of the “One of the Best Craftsmen in France” competition to the iconic University of the Sorbonne.

The Secretary of State for National Education and the COET MOF management delivered a speech on the transmission of craftsmanship and French excellence.

They then proceeded, category by category, specialty by specialty, to award the Best Craftsmen of France medals to each laureate. For his fully embroidered jacket on the theme of the Indian maharajas, Satoshi received a Best Craftsmen of France medal in the Hand Embroidery category, Haute Couture specialty.

At the conclusion of this event, the different laureates were individually photographed with medals around their necks and then with their colleagues.