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Lady in Picture: “Lady in Picture” is a passionate individual from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Specializing in public relations, podcast hosting, event planning, incentive expertise, and artistic influence, she has been supporting artists since the Corona pandemic.

She has initiated numerous artistic collaborations with artists from around the world, combining art with music and immersing herself in these works of art. This fusion has given rise to small digital art pieces, which also serve as advertisements for her collaborative partners.

In 2022, she launched her own podcast series, “Artist of the Day,” and in 2023, her own show broadcast nationwide on YouTube and NRWision.

Publication date of the interview of Lady in Picture:



Conducted remotely, the interview delves into both the creative and economic aspects of the Maison Sekimoto brand. Lady in Picture questions Satoshi about his personal journey and the artistic direction of various collections and collaborations.

As for Laurent, he is queried about the strategic positioning of the brand and his market analysis.

The video is broadcasted on YouTube, NRWision, Instagram, and X, available in French with subtitles in English or German.