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Embroideries Iroito: Blog of a teacher of embroidery in Saitama prefecture (Japan).

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Article about the exhibition Satoshi Sekimoto at Tokyo and his career.

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Embroidery Artist Satoshi Sekimoto

I had the opportunity to visit the first exhibition in Japan of the works of Satoshi Sekimoto, the first Japanese person to receive the prestigious MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) award in embroidery.

Witnessing the craftsmanship of the best artisans who create haute couture garments for brands like Chanel was truly an eye-opener. This exhibition marked the first time these works, previously showcased at the Élysée Palace in France, were displayed in Japan.

The highlighted piece was themed around India, the work for which Satoshi received the MOF award. The photos may not fully convey it, but the artwork had an incredible force, with the weightiness of beads and sequins being palpable just by looking at it.

Rib needle embroidery, done by stitching from the back to make the other side visible through translucent fabric, is already challenging. Doing it on satin fabric adds another layer of difficulty. The meticulous and tactile nature of this craft showcased Satoshi‘s extraordinary artisanal skills.

The black sequins, with their various sizes and expressions, seemed to float gently. Satoshi explained that they were stitched after being applied to another fabric, adding another layer of complexity.

Numerous corsages were also on display, showcasing meticulous handwork and the opulence of one-of-a-kind pieces. There was a sense of tremendous power in items crafted using the world’s highest level of expertise.

In our current era, where mass-produced items from large factories dominate, wearing handmade items with such incredible craftsmanship is becoming increasingly rare. This might be due to both luxury and economic reasons.

Yet, even a small touch of warmth and superb craftsmanship created by human hands can make life feel a bit richer. Although we may wear mostly mass-produced items for practical reasons, having the opportunity to incorporate such unique, handmade pieces into our lives can be truly enriching.

During the exhibition, Satoshi graciously answered numerous questions from visitors, and his gentle and kind nature shone through.

It was a truly magnificent collection!