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Mukade – Artwork

Work of art Mukade created by Satoshi Sekimoto.

Shiny, strong and wild, this work of art belongs to the collection “Microcosmos” of Maison Sekimoto.


Artwork representing intertwined myriapods known as “Mukade”.

The myriapod is a significant symbol of dynamism and strength in Japan. During the Sengoku period, samurai adorned their armor, swords, and helmets with its imagery. Centipedes never retreat. The myriapod also symbolizes the army, with each leg representing a soldier. Furthermore, the mukade, as an animal that lays many eggs, symbolizes fertility.

  • Unique piece signed by Satoshi Sekimoto.
  • 100% Handmade by Satoshi Sekimoto, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Haute Couture embroidery.
  • Techniques: Luneville embroidery and acrylic painting.
  • Composition:
    • Flat sequins color: white, crystal and silver
    • Cup sequins color: white, crystal and silver
    • Fantasy sequins color: silver
    • Seed beads color: vintage rose, white, crystal and silver
    • Tubes color: crystal and silver
    • Pearls color: mother of pearl, white and silver
    • Crystal components color: white
    • Fabric: light grey silk organza
    • Base: black painted canvas.

Additional information

Dimensions 33.0 × 2.5 × 41.0 cm



Silver, White


12.99 inch / 33.0 cm


16.14 inch / 41.0 cm


0.98 inch / 2.5 cm

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