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Les Nouvelles Publications: Weekly economic and legal news magazine, specializing in the publication of legal notices and real estate auctions for the Bouches-du-Rhône department (France)..

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Les Nouvelles Publications published a commissioned article that traces the career of Satoshi Sekimoto and the early days of the Maison Sekimoto brand.
Regarding Satoshi, the article discusses his education, professional experience, as well as his titles and qualifications.
The weekly also explains the mission and vision of the Sekimoto brand, as well as the steps taken to achieve these goals.


Maison Sekimoto: Haute Couture Embroidery

The young brand, based in Plan-de-Cuques, aims to bring embroidery to life while breaking with tradition. Explanation.

Maison Sekimoto is a young brand that combines the expertise of its two founders. Satoshi Sekimoto studied fashion design and pattern making in Japan and specialized in haute couture embroidery during his final year of study. Passionate about this craft, he further honed his skills at the École Lesage – Broderie d’art in Paris, then worked with the most prestigious luxury and haute couture houses. He earned the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF).

His husband, Laurent Sekimoto, has a creative and commercial background. At Maison Sekimoto, he manages brand development, communication, marketing, and more.

“We are complementary with a shared goal: to bring embroidery to life while evolving it in the right direction, with a fresh perspective and unique style,” explains Laurent Sekimoto.

Special Jury Prize at the Silmo d’Or The brand, headquartered in Plan-de-Cuques, offers embroidery-based creations such as interior decorations (paintings, brooches, lampshades), artworks, and jewelry. “A year ago, following a collaboration with Maison Lafont, I embroidered a frame for their glasses,” adds the artisan. This first-time project was very well received and won the special jury prize at the 2023 Silmo d’Or during the Mondial de l’Optique (Silmo Paris). Currently expanding, Maison Sekimoto is considering new collaborations.

Never idle, Satoshi Sekimoto also earned the title of master artisan of art in 2023. This qualification, awarded by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA), recognizes his activity and expertise. It is the highest distinction possible for an artisan.

The brand is logically present at events such as the Salon des Métiers d’Art in Baux-de-Provence, organized as part of the European Artistic Crafts Days, in partnership with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, last April.