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Silmo - Le Mondial de l’Optique


Glassmusée: Japanese blog specialized in optics.

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The Glassmusée blog has published a post about the presentation of the Silmo d’Or awards and the Lafont x Maison Sekimoto collaboration. In the post, they unveil the “Ouvrage” model presented at the 2023 iOFT Tokyo exhibition, celebrating the centenary of Maison Lafont.

Translation of the article:

Autumn Exhibition 2023 Vol. 3

This was the 2023 autumn exhibition season, spanning four days, including the first day I went in advance.

It was the first time I attended a four-day exhibition. The IOFT Fair, the largest domestic eyewear exhibition, is held every autumn at Tokyo Big Sight.

Seeing this spectacle, I felt pure excitement, as if I had traveled back 20 years to when I was brought here for the first time (even though I was a rather inconspicuous staff member back then). After registering, I rushed to the TRACTION booth from Franche-Comté, France. I barely made it, and Takahashi-san and Takizawa-san welcomed me with their usual smiles, which was a relief. And of course, the new TRACTION frames stole the show! Fun glasses kept appearing one after the other, and an hour passed by in the blink of an eye. While learning more about the Paris exhibition, I also selected my reward glasses for this season! Here’s a classic photo of the booth… This time, Lucas-san was absent, which was a shame, but I hope this moment fills that gap. (In fact, I was able to meet him the day before, and as shown by the new frames, he was in good spirits as usual, so don’t worry!)

In conclusion, Paris, with Lafont celebrating its impressive centenary.

The encounter with works that could only be created by Lafont, thanks to its collaboration with a master in needlework, was truly memorable. Mr. Satoshi Sekimoto, holding the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) in the Haute Couture embroidery category, came to Japan shortly after the Paris exhibition to show us his expertise in person. Losing track of time while we marveled at his wonderful skill was a true luxury. A souvenir photo with the warm and passionate Rafael, and another with Mr. Sato, with whom we are always in touch. After the Paris exhibition, it was still too early to return, so we used every minute until closing at 6 p.m. to explore the highlights of the season. The new creations were truly magnificent, while still being typically Lafont. The sunglasses were particularly well-stocked this time. We can’t wait for their arrival! Lafont’s exclusive models adorned with Satoshi Sekimoto‘s custom embroidery won’t be available at Muse, but we hope as many people as possible get to see them, so please come and take a look.

The next day was another busy day, but the first thing that came to mind was to savor a delicious Parisian bistro menu that we love so much to conclude the festivities. The beauty of Japan, the beauty of France, the beauties of each country… We will continue to feel and savor them from different angles, bringing them to life for our customers through our glasses. We were delighted to see so many smiling faces! A big thank you to all! A big thank you to our customers who followed us diligently during these few days of reports. We sincerely hope you are looking forward to the new creations that each brand has carefully crafted.