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AIT Fashion Festival 2012: Fashion Festival organized by Asaki Ishida Total Fashion College.

Date of the AIT Fashion Festival 2012:


Place of the AIT Fashion Festival 2012:

〒 730 – 0011

Hiroshimaken Hiroshimashi Nakaku Motomachi 6 – 78

NTT Cred Hall – Motomachi Cred Pase-ra 11F


Description of the event:

The AIT Fashion Festival is the biennial event of the Ishida Asaki Total Fashion College happening in Hiroshima, Japan.

For the 2012 edition, Satoshi Sekimoto was invited to participate as an alum. This marked his very first involvement in a fashion event.

Summary of the official DVD, this video includes the introduction, the runway show featuring brooches created by Satoshi as the Sekimoto Collection, and the closing acknowledgments.

Runway of the Sekimoto Collection:

  • First outfit: Black dress adorned with numerous blue and white embroidered flower brooches.
  • Second outfit: Three blue butterflies and a blue flower on a white dress.
  • Third outfit: Three white flowers on one sleeve of a black dress.
  • Fourth outfit: A large white flower serving as a brooch on a khaki dress, and three small black and white flowers connected by a black chain.